The Steelmax portfolio of magnetic drills and hydraulic punches has a solution for every hole-making application.  Drilling in hard to reach places is solved with our D1-LP, low profile drill.  Our ATEX certified drills are the answer in hazardous environments such as on oil rigs, drilling platforms and mining operations. Our hydraulic punches make quick work of repetitive hole-making operations in beams and splice plates.  Regardless of your hole-making needs, you will find the solution at Steelmax.

Our new advanced line of magnetic drills offers many features not found anywhere else, including LED Coded Information Systems which provide in-use drill diagnostics, alerting the user to potential issues and making them more productive.  Many of our new drills also incorporate a unique quick-change tapping system that makes tapping as easy as drilling. Every Steelmax drill comes standard with integrated swarf protection and an integrated coolant system.

Compact & portable or large & multi-functional, the magnetic drilling machines for the 21st century are from Steelmax.

Annular Cutters & Holemaking Accessories
Hydraulic Punches & Punch Accessories


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Portable Hydraulic Punches-HP60 & HP110

Portable Hydraulic Punches are ideal solutions to speed the production of holes and slots in beam flanges, angle, channel, plates and bar stock.

D1 Low Profile Mag Drill

Ultra-low profile mag drill, fits in the tightest of work spaces. The perfect solution for any applications in confined spaces, where typical mag drills are too large.

D1-SM Swivel Base Magnetic Drill 

The go to drill for fabricators with the added ability to easily drill holes on convex (min. diameter 12”) and concave surfaces (min diameter 40”).

D1-PM with Permanent Magnet

Drill out of position without the worry of power loss. Neodymium rare earth magnets clamp to ferrous surfaces without the need for external electric power

D1-TS Thin Steel

Innovative magnet design allows for optimal magnetic field distribution on very thin steel plates with comparable holding force to drills with standard magnets.

D1 - Pro Mag Drill - SteelMax

D1 PRO Portable Mag Drill

An all purpose drilling machine for the steel fabricator that demands dependable and versatile production tools.

D1 Ultra Compact Portable Mag Drill - SteelMax

D1 Compact Portable Magnetic Drill

Ultra-compact magnetic drill w/ maximum capacity of 1-3/8″ (36 mm) diameter in 2″ (51 mm) thick material. The unit’s weight of 22 lbs is the lowest in its class.

D1 Auto Feed Mag Drill

Advanced Semi-automatic drilling machine, is the ideal solution for efficiently drilling large numbers of holes in plates, girders, & other steel fabrication applications.

D250X Magnetic Drilling Machine

This machine’s powerful 1600w motor enables cutting up to 2-3/8″ & a depth of cut up to 3″, plus this large capacity drill is lighter than other competitive drills.

D200XT Universal Tapping & Drilling Machine

Powerful 1600 W variable speed motor enables annular cutting up to 2” &  drilling up to 7/8”. Tap up to 3/4″ with Steelmax’s new tapping chuck & collet system.

Drilling and Tapping Machine

D300XT Tapping & Drilling Machine

Variable speed drilling machine will drill holes w/ diameters of up to 2-3/4″ using annular cutters, tap using a tap chuck & drill holes up to 1″ using twist drill bits.

Heavy Duty magnetic drilling Machine

D400XT Industrial Tapping & Drilling Machine

Designed for industrial hole making &  tapping applications. Cut up to 4″ & drilling capacity up to 1-1/4″ with Powerful 2300 W, variable-speed motor.

D500XT Heavy Duty Tapping & Drilling Machine

Designed for heavy duty drilling & tapping applications. Cutting capacity up to 5″ & drilling capacity up to 1-5/8″ with Powerful 2300 W, variable-speed motor.

D1 Air ATEX Pneumatic Drill

Small portable pneumatic drilling machine for hazardous environments and limited hole access.

D175 ATEX Pneumatic Drill

Pneumatic drive & permanent magnetic base eliminate the need of electric power, making it an ideal solution in hazardous environments.