Steelmax metal cutting saws lead the industry in metal cutting performance. Whether in the shop or in the field, these versatile tools increase productivity and profitability.

Steelmax metal cutting saw blades are designed to provide maximum performance when cutting ferrous and nonferrous metals. Compared to abrasive cutting wheels, Steelmax metal cutting saw blades cut faster and more accurately. They also impart less heat and produce no hazardous dust. Steelmax blades are offered with Tungsten Carbide Tips (TCT) or Cermet (Ceramic Metallic) Tips, designed for clean cool cutting of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and thin steel. They are suitable for cutting plate, grating, angle, channel, tube, pipe and many other materials.



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S7 XP Metal Cutting SawS7 XP 7 1/4″ Metal Cutting Saw with Laser Guide

Cuts metal fast, with cool, burr-free finishes. The S7 XP’s powerful 13 amp motor with overload protection provides a portable, powerful, and practical metal cutting saw.

S9 XP 9″ Metal Cutting Circular Saw with Laser Guide

The most powerful saw of its size on the market with integrated laser guide which speeds set-up time for accurate, long, straight cuts. Designed for heavy-duty industrial use.

S14 14″ Metal Cutting Saw with Cast Iron Base

Featuring a powerful 1750W motor & precise, fast, clean, burr-free, cool-to-touch cutting.Mitering capability up to 45º. Flip plate securely holds pipe & tubing preventing it from coming loose or turning during cuttting.

Cermet Tipped Metal Cutting Saw Blade

Superior wear and heat resistance for long cutting life, for Mild & Stainless steel heavy duty cutting applications. Cuts 3-5 times faster than standard TCT Blades.

TCT Metal Cutting Saw Blade

Industry leading Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) saw blades utilize the highest quality European C6 grade tungsten carbides. Designed for clean & cool cutting of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and thin steel.