Steelmax offers state-of-the-art solutions for portable cutting and welding automation. Our lightweight welding and cutting carriages deliver precise, high-quality results reducing costs associated with defects and rework, filler metal waste and manual labor. Steelmax welding and cutting automation solutions are helping steel fabricators, large and small, improve quality and efficiency making them more competitive in their markets.

Cutting & Welding Mechanization and Automation


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Eco Runner Trackless Welding Carriage

Battery-powered welding travel carriage designed to produce continuous fillet welds using MIG/MAG torches in the flat or vertical welding positions.

Li’l Runner Portable Fillet Welding Carriage

Li’l Runner Portable Fillet Welding Carriage

Providing constant, non-stop travel at a regulated speed, Li’l Runner produces consistent high-quality welds in a fraction of the time required by hand welding.

Arc Runner Portable Welding Carriage - SteelMaxArc Runner Portable Programmable Welding Carriage

Programmable welding carriage designed to produce consistent, high-quality welds. The powerful magnetic base and closed loop electronic speed control provide speed stabilization in all positions.

Rail Runner LT

Digitally controlled rail mounted travel carriage designed for the mechanization of welding and thermal cutting processes. Economical system for welding and cutting applications on flat or curved plate, tube and pipe.

Rail Runner II Modular Welding and Cutting Carriage

Compact, modular, mechanized carriage which can be custom configured for a variety of welding, thermal cutting and gouging applications on flat or curved plate, tube and pipe.

Torch Runner Track Cutting Machine

State-of-the-art, digitally controlled track torch which maintains precise and stable travel speeds that produce accurate cuts and bevels with oxy-fuel or plasma.

Rail Runner Track Welding Carriage

Featuring a positive rack & pinion drive system with electronic speed control, the Rail Runner can produce consistent, high quality welds & cuts in the flat, vertical or horizontal position.

Welding Oscillator and Mini-Manipulator

Lightweight, compact weld weaving oscillator provides you with full control of oscillation parameters, making it an ideal weave welding solution for many applications.

ShapeRunner Two-Axis CNC Cutting SystemShapeRunner Portable 2-Axis CNC Cutting System

CNC cutting system suitable for  plasma or oxy–fuel cutting processes, comes standard with pierce height control, automatic torch height control & a shape library with 24 programmed designs.