Rail Runner LT


All Position Welding & Cutting Travel Carriage

The Steelmax Rail Runner LT is a digitally controlled rail mounted travel carriage designed for the mechanization of welding and thermal cutting processes. Mechanized control of the welding or cutting torch allows continuous welding or cutting, increasing operating factor and deposition rates in welding applications. The Rail Runner LT features a rack and pinion drive system with electronic speed control that produces weld bead geometry that is exact to your required specifications, reducing costly over welding and minimizing filler metal usage.

The Rail Runner LT can be used with semi-flexible rail for plate and tank applications with a minimum diameter of 32 ft (10 m) and can be adapted to ring rails for pipe and tube applications.

Standard ring rails are available for tube diameters from 8” (200 mm) up to 10 ft (3 m). Custom rolled rails can be used for tube diameters between 10 ft (3 m) and 32 ft (10 m).

An optional vacuum system allows the rails to attach to non-ferrous surfaces such as stainless steel and aluminum.

The Rail Runner LT is an economical system for a wide range of welding and cutting applications on flat or curved plate, tube and pipe.

Applications: Trailer manufacturing, truck tanks, oil tanks, water storage tanks, pressure vessels, bridge girders, structural steel, structural towers, panel welding, transformers, shipyards, and any application demanding long continuous welds.


  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Closed-loop encoder insures accurate speed control
  • Rack and pinion drive
  • Digital LED display for pre-setting travel speed
  • Automatic arc on/off initiates welding and travel simultaneously
  • Suitable for a variety of circumferential and irregular surface applications down to a minimum diameter of 8″ (200 mm)
    • Ring rails for diameters from 8″ OD up to 10 ft OD
    • Custom rolled rails for diameters from 10 ft OD up to 32 ft OD
    • Semi-flexible rails can be bent to a minimum radius of 16ft without permanent deformation
  • Gear-driven cross slide for precise torch adjustment
  • Application-specific accessory kits for oxy-fuel, plasma, MIG/MAG and SAW processes


  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Closed-loop encoder insures accurate speed control
  • Rack and pinion drive
  • Digital LED display for pre-setting travel speed

Technical Specifications

Rail Runner LT Specifications
Voltage115 - 230V 50 - 60 Hz
Power66 Watts
Rail options for round tube & pipeRing rails8" OD to 10' OD (200 mm to 3m OD)
Custom rolled rail10' OD up to 32' OD (3m to 10m OD)
Semi-flexible railMinimum Curvature Radius of 16' (5m)
Torch typesOxy-fuel, plasma, MIG/MAG, SAW
Torch diameterOxy-fuelup to 1-3/8" (35 mm)
Plasma, SAWup to 1-3/8" (35 mm)
MIG/MAG5/8" - 7/8" (16 - 22 mm)
Horizontal pulling force67.5 lbs
Vertical pulling force45 lbs
Horizontal speed range4 - 80 in/min (10 - 200 mm/min)
Vertical speed range4 - 80 in/min (10 - 200 mm/min)
Wight22 Lbs (10 Kg)
Part numberSM-WC-RR-LT


Ring Rail AccessoriesDescriptionPart Number
Ring trackDiameter custom configured within the range from
8" OD up to 10 ft OD (22 mm to 3,000 mm)
Contact for details
Support with boltsSM-WSP-0523-14-02-00-0
Support with magnetsSM-WSP-0523-14-12-00-0
Support with plastic feetSM-WSP-0523-14-11-00-0
Rigid Rail AccessoriesDescriptionPart Number
Rigid railLength 6.5 ft (2 m)SM-PRW-0482-47-00-00-0
Bracket for support unitsSM-DYS-0482-21-00-00-0
Magnetic unitSM-ZSP-0475-44-00-00-0
Heat-resistant magnetic unitSM-ZSP-0475-44-00-00-1
Magnetic pivoting unitSM-ZSP-0475-85-00-00-0
Magnetic spacing-adjustable unitSM-ZSP-0523-19-00-00-0
Narrow magnetic unit with hexagonSM-PDS-0585-10-00-02-0
Vacuum modular unitSM-MST-0541-10-02-00-0
Semi-Flexible Rail AccessoriesDescriptionPart Number
Semi-flexible trackLength 6.5 ft (2 m)
Minimum 16 ft (5 m) curvature radius required
Can be permanently custom rolled with radius range from 5 ft to 16 ft
Bracket for magnetic unitSM-DYS-0482-19-00-00-0
Bracket for narrow magnetic unitSM-DYS-0582-10-00-00-0
Bracket for magnetic unitSM-DYS-0482-19-00-00-0
Bracket for vacuum modular unitSM-DYS-0541-11-01-00-0
Magnetic unitSM-ZSP-0475-44-00-00-0
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