Steelmax Tools offers an extensive line of manually operated and automatic beveling machines for plate and pipe. We offer cold beveling systems which mill or shear creating consistent uniform weld preparation without thermal distortion or creation of a HAZ. Additionally, we offer track guided cutting systems for beveling with thermal cutting processes such as Oxy-Fuel or Plasma.

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ABM 50 Double-Sided Beveling Machine

Self-Propelled, Inverting, Infinitely adjustable angle Beveling Machine.

ABM1218 FR Double-Sided Plate/Pipe Beveling Machine

Portable beveling machine capable of producing weld-ready bevels on flat plates of any shearable material up to 100,000 psi tensile strength.

SBM 500 Stationary Beveling Machine

SBM 500 Stationary Beveling Machine

Robust & Efficient solution for beveling & deburring steel plate, angle, square/rectangular tubing & pipe.

portable plate beveling machine

ABM28 Auto Feed Portable Plate Beveling Machine

The latest generation in automatic portable bevelers. It can face plates & produce top and bottom side bevels at any angle between + 60° and -60° from a single setup.

BM21 SS Portable Beveling Machine for Stainless Steel

A customized version of our industry-leading BM21 beveling machine specifically designed for use on stainless steel plate and pipe.

BM21 Portable Beveling Machine

Reduce your costs and lay the foundation for high-quality welds with the Steelmax BM21, it produces no heat affected zone or distortion of the work piece.

BM20 Plus Portable Beveling Machine

Low-cost, heavy duty, portable hand operated beveling machine designed to mill accurate high quality bevels for weld preparation on plate and pipe.

BM16 Portable Beveling Machine

A light weight portable beveling machine for use on flat, curved or rolled plate. It can also perform OD and ID bevels on pipe.

BM7 Hand-Held Beveling Machine

BM7 Compact Plate and Pipe Beveling Machine

compact, multi-purpose milling tool that can bevel, deburr, chamfer and radius mill edges of plate, pipe, tubes, and holes.

MPB 26 Manual Pipe Beveling System

Create highly repeatable and consistent fit-up, dramatically reducing cycle times and improving work flow and  producing accurate weld preparation in minutes.

APB 32 Automatic Pipe Beveling System

Produce accurate weld preparation in minutes,  mounts to outside edge of pipe/tubing with a minimum outside diameter of 10″. In standard configuration, the APB-32 can bevel pipe up to 32″ in diameter.

PB5 Pipe Beveling Machine

Extremely productive when full penetration welding is required, utilizing a self-centering mandrel the PB5 can be rapidly deployed from one pipe to another.

PB10 Pipe Beveling Machine

Heavy-duty ID mounted pipe beveler utilizing self-centering expandable mandrels to provide quick and proper alignment to pipe or tube prior to machining operations.

PBM 1000 High Speed Pipe Beveling System

Designed for beveling and facing pipes, tanks or tubes with diameters ranging from 8? – 40?. deployed from one pipe to another. Produces accurate bevels in a fraction of the time required by traditional single point machining.