PB5 Pipe Beveling Machine

PB5 Pipe Beveling Machine

Eliminate laborious hand grinding, poor fit-up, weld defects and over welding with this in-line machining tool!

Extremely productive when full penetration welding is required, the Steelmax PB5 will produce accurate weld preparation in minutes. Creating highly repeatable and consistent fit-up, this tool dramatically reduces cycle times and improves work flow. By utilizing a self-centering mandrel which mounts internally to the open end of the tube or pipe, the PB5 can be rapidly deployed from one pipe to another.

Available with a pneumatic or electric motor, the PB5 can be mounted in pipe or tubing with a minimum inside diameter of 1.25″ (32 mm) and can bevel outside diameters up to 4.5″ (114 mm). Designed with three tool holders, the PB5 can simultaneously mill the OD Bevel, Root Face and ID counterbore to create consistent wall thickness around the joint and ensure complete weld penetration.

Optional Accessories include:

  • Extension set to accommodate pipe or tubing up to 5 ½” (140 mm) OD
  • Boiler Repair Kit for working on water walls and in restricted spaces.


  • Simultaneously bevel, face and ID counterbore pipe or tubing
  • Available with pneumatic or electric motor options
  • Variety of tool bits available for creating various bevel angles for V and J grove preparation
  • Self-Centering ID Mounted Mandrel
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PB5-E/PB5-P Technical Specifications
Motor PowerPB5-EPB5-P
Motor Power1,100 Wats800 Wats
Speed Range0-300 RPM90 RPM
Power Supply Options110-120V/50-60 Hz or 220-240V/50-60 HzNA
Air RequirementsNA56.5 CFM (1600 L/min) / 87 PSI (0.6 Mpa)
Operating Weight (with Motor)24 lbs (11 kg)22 lbs (10 kg)
Min/Max Pipe Sizes (Min ID/Max OD) - Standard Mandrel1.26” ID/4.49” OD (32 mm ID/114 mm OD)
Min/Max Pipe Sizes (Min ID/Max ID) - Small Mandrel1” ID/1.25" ID (25 mm ID/33 mm ID)
Min/Max Pipe Sizes (Min OD/Max OD) - Large spindle Disc4.5” OD/5.5” OD (114 mm OD/140 mm OD)
Pipe Beveling Capacity
Nominal Pipe Diameter1”1 1/4”1 1/2”2”2 1/2”3”3 1/2”4”4 1/2”5”
Maximum Pipe SizeSCH 40S/40STDSCH 80/80XSSCH 160 XXSSCH 160SCH 160SCH 80/80XSSCH 120SCH 40S/40/STD*SCH 40S/40/STD*
Maximum Allowable Pipe/Tube Wall Thickness
Pipe/Tube Size Range1" to 1.25” ID
(25 mm to 32 mm ID)
1.25” ID to 4.5” OD
(32 mm ID to 114 mm OD)
4.5” - 5” OD*
(114 mm to 124 mm OD)
5” - 5.2” OD*
(124 mm to 132 mm OD)
5.2” - 5.5” OD*
(132 mm to 140 mm OD)
Maximum Pipe/Tube Wall Thickness0.5” (12 mm)0.5” (12 mm)0.39” (10 mm)0.31” (8 mm)0.24” (6 mm)

* Requires optional 5-1/2” (140 mm) spindle disk set. All information is subject to change without notice.



PB5 Dimensions

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