portable beveling machine

BM20 PLUS Portable Beveling Machine

The BM20 Plus is a low-cost, heavy duty, portable hand operated beveling machine designed to mill accurate high quality bevels for weld preparation on plate and pipe. Utilizing a rotary milling head with ten indexable carbide inserts, the BM20 Plus will create precise bevel angles that improve fit-up time, eliminate weld defects and reduce welding consumable use.

Unlike thermal cutting for weld preparation, the BM20 Plus produces no heat affected zone or distortion of the work piece. This simple to operate machine can be carried anywhere and eliminates costly material handling associated with moving plates around the shop to stationary burning and milling machines.

Automatic thermal overload protection circuitry protects the motor from premature failure, providing a reliable tool that can withstand the toughest jobs.


  • Portable, heavy-duty machine
  • Equipped with guide rolls for easy operation
  • Automatic motor overload protection
  • Fitted with two milling heads for smooth and efficient operation
  • Continuous bevel angle adjustment between 15°- 60°
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BM20 Plus Technical Specifications
Power supply115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz
Power2.41 HP (1.8 kW) for 60 Hz

2.5 HP (1.6 kW) for 50 Hz
Spindle speed2740 - 3290 rpm (at 115V)
2780 - 3340 rpm (at 230V)
ToolingTwo milling heads with 10 square cutting inserts
Maximum bevel width (b)13/16" (21 mm) (see figure 1)
Bevel angle (ß)15 - 60° (see figure 1); 0° (see facing attachment)
Weight45 lbs (20.5 kg)
Part numberSM-BM20+ (115V/60Hz)
SM-BM20+-230 (230V/50Hz)



Figure 1: Bevel dimensions – maximum achievable bevel width depending on the bevel angle (multiple 1/4″ passes)

b21 mm20.5 mm21 mm20.5 mm


Pipe beveling attachment
6" - 12" (150 - 300 mm)
Part No. SM-ZSP-0075-31-00-00-0
Pipe beveling attachment
Large Pipe beveling attachment
10" - 24" (260 - 600 mm)
Part No. SM-ZSP-0075-31-00-00-1
Large Pipe beveling attachment
Facing attachment (0°)
enables beveling at zero degrees
Part No. SM-ZSP-0075-32-00-00-1
Facing attachment

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