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TCT Metal Cutting Saw Blades Cut Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Thin Steel Fast & Clean

Our industry leading Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) saw blades utilize the highest quality European C6 grade tungsten carbides. With application specific tooth counts and rake geometry, Steelmax offers a TCT saw blade to cut any material for any job. You won’t find a longer lasting, higher performing or cleaner cutting TCT blade anywhere. Our blades are the choice of professional fabricators and metal workers who need to get the job done right the first time. Steelmax TCT blades are designed for clean and cool cutting of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and thin steel. Our blades are also designed to fit competitor’s saws to increase their cutting efficiency.


  • High quality C6 tungsten carbide tips
  • Clean cuts with fewer sparks and burrs
  • Cool cutting
  • Designed with varying tooth counts and rake angles for specific applications
  • Safer alternative to abrasive cut-off wheels
Tungsten Carbide Tipped Metal Cutting Saw Blades
Blade Diameter Part No.TeethArbor RPM (MAX) Applications
7.0"SM-BL-073620 mm3500Mild Steel (less than 5/16")
7.25"SM-BL-07-53620 mm3500Mild Steel (less than 5/16")
7.25"SM-BL-07-5-TS6820 mm3500Thin Mild Steel (less than 1/4")
7.25"SM-BL-07-5-AL 5420 mm3500Aluminum (up to 3/8")
7.25"SM-BL-07-5-SS4820 mm3500Stainless Steel (less than 1/8")
8.0"SM-BL-08485/8"3700Mild Steel (less than 1/2")
9.0"SM-BL-09481.0"2700Mild Steel (less than1/2")
9.0"SM-BL-09-TS801.0"2700Thin Mild Steel (less than 1/4")
9.0"SM-BL-09-AL 801.0"2700Aluminum (up to 3/8")
9.0"SM-BL-09-SS 541.0"2700Stainless Steel (less than 1/8")
12.0"SM-BL-12601.0"1000Mild Steel (less than 1")
14.0"SM-BL-14 661.0"1450Mild Steel (less than1")
14.0"SM-BL-14-TS 901.0"1450Thin Mild Steel (less than 1/4")
14.0"SM-BL-14-AL 1001.0"1450Aluminum (up to 3/8")
14.0"SM-BL-14-SS 901.0"1450Stainless Steel (less than 1/4")

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