D300XT Tapping & Drilling Machine

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The D300XT is a variable speed drilling machine designed to drill holes with diameters of up to 2-3/4″ (70mm) by using annular cutters. The machine can also drill holes with diameters of up to 1″( 25mm) by using twist drill bits. The D300XT can change the direction of rotation. This allows tapping of pre-drilled holes by using a tap chuck. The electromagnetic base clamps the machine to ferromagnetic surfaces, making sure that the operator is safe and the machine works correctly. A safety strap protects the machine from falling in case of a clamping loss.  Accessories allow you to drill in pipes and cut threads.

• 360- degree visual monitoring system indicates current condition of the drill and gives safety
and diagnostic information, e.g. worn brushes
• 1600 W motor
• Overload & Overheat protection
• Tapping of through and blind holes with intelligent load control
• Drilling with both TCT & HSS cutters and twist
drill bits from small up to large diameters
• Full electronic motor control
• Electronic clutch (faster than mechanical)
• Rigid design extends tool life
• Innovative smart magnet with reduced weight
• Intuitive control panel at top of the drill
• Large coolant reservoir

This item ships via freight. It arrives on a pallet and can only be shipped to a commercial address.

Please contact us for tapping accessories available with this drill.


  •  2-15/16″ (75 mm) depth of cut
  • 1600 Watt motor with variable speed
  • M20 (7/8″) Max Tap Size
  • Intuitive control panel at top of the drill
  • 360-degree Visual Monitoring System

Additional information

Weight40 lbs

110 V

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