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D400XT Industrial Tapping & Drilling Machine

PRICE $2,975.00


The D400XT drilling machine is suitable for many industrial hole making and tapping applications.
Powerful 2300 W, variable-speed motor enables cutting capacity up to 4″ (100 mm) and drilling capacity
up to 1-1/4″ (31.75 mm). Forward and reverse function allows tapping of pre-drilled holes up to 1-1/4″ (M30) by using the quick change tapping system from Steelmax.
4-speed gear and continuous speed adjustment help to set the optimal speed depending on size of diameter, material grade and tool in use. The intelligent speed control system maintains constant speed regardless of the changing load and increases tool life. Innovative 360-degree visual monitoring system facilitates machine operation and increases work safety.

• 360- degree visual monitoring system indicates
current condition of the drill and gives safety
and diagnostic information, e.g. worn brushes
• Most powerful motor in its class (among MT3 drills)
• Overload & Overheat protection
• 4-Speed gear with continuous speed adjustment
• Intelligent speed control system maintains stable
speed regardless of load changes
• Tapping of through and blind holes with
intelligent load control
• Drilling with both TCT & HSS cutters and twist
drill bits from small through large diameters
• Full electronic motor control
• Electronic clutch and speed control
• Rigid design extends tool life
• Tilt sensor (gyroscopic) stops motor in case of
machine break away
• Innovative smart magnet with reduced weight
• Intuitive control panel at top of the drill
• Large coolant reservoir

This item ships via freight. It arrives on a pallet and can only be shipped to a commercial address.

Please contact us for tapping accessories available with this drill.


  •  4″ (100 mm) depth of cut
  • 2300 Watt motor with variable speed
  • M30 (1- 1/4″) Max Tap Size
  • Intuitive control panel at top of the drill
  • 360-degree Visual Monitoring System
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