Steelmax There was not of lot of text on the drill page. This text serves as a placeholder for the yet to be confirmed description that would appear on the product pages. Steelmax has you covered!  If you’re not making careful consideration of your beveling process, chances are it’s costing you money. Achieving complete joint penetration welds require accurate and consistent bevels that fall within your groove preparation tolerance. Inaccurate bevel geometry can create some costly problems. Lack of fusion, lack of penetration, burn through, underfilling and over welding can all be a result of your initial beveling process.



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D1 Low Profile Mag Drill

Ultra-low profile mag drill, that fits in the tightest of work spaces.

D1 - Pro Mag Drill - SteelMax

D1 PRO Portable Mag Drill

All purpose drilling machine for steel fabricators demanding dependable & versatile production tools.

D1 SM Swivel Base Magnetic Drill

Added ability to easily drill holes on convex (min. diameter 12″) & concave surfaces (min diameter 40″).

D1 TS Thin Steel Magnetic Drill

Safely work on material down to 1/8″ where most other drills are deemed unsafe or don’t work at all.

D1-PM with Permanent Magnet

Drill out of position without worry of power loss. Rare earth magnets clamp to ferrous surfaces with no need for external electric power.

D1 Ultra Compact Portable Mag Drill - SteelMax

D1 Compact Portable Magnetic Drill

Ultra-compact mag drill, maximum capacity of 36 mm diameter in 51 mm thick material. It’s weight 22 lbs is lowest in class.

D1 Auto Feed Magnetic Drill

Advanced semi-automatic drilling machine. It’s ideal for drilling large numbers of holes in girders, plates & other applications.

D2X Magnetic Drilling Machine - SteelMax

D2X Portable Magnetic Drilling Machine

A powerful drilling machine for everyday industrial use.

D1 Air ATEX Pneumatic Drill

Small portable pneumatic drilling machine for hazardous environments and limited hole access.

D175 ATEX Pneumatic Drill

Pneumatic drive & permanent magnetic base eliminate the need of electric power, making it an ideal solution in hazardous environments.

D3 Magnetic Base Drill

D3XRS Multi-Function Magnetic Drill

Heavy-duty, magnetic drilling machine with Morse Taper No.3 attachment system & reversing feature.

D4XS -Steelmax - Tools

D4X Heavy-Duty Mag Drill

Heavy-duty magnetic drilling machine with 4-speed mechanical gearbox. Tackles the toughest jobs.