• Self-Propelled, Inverting Beveling Machine Improves Safety & Reduces Material Handling

    The Steelmax ABM 50 produces accurate, high-quality, machined single and double-sided bevels on plates from 5/16” to 3-1/8” (8-80 mm) thick using a high-speed rotary milling head with replaceable carbide inserts. The machine features an infinitely adjustable bevel angle between 15 and 60 degrees and is capable of producing bevels up to 2” (50 mm) wide. The ABM 50 quickly inverts to produce double-side bevels without having to flip the plate - enhancing safety and reducing material handling time and expense. The ABM 50 incorporates onboard spindle speed adjustment to optimally bevel ferrous and non-ferrous materials and excels in beveling high tensile strength materials up to 450,000 PSI. FEATURES
    • Self-feeding for consistent bevel geometry from end-to-end
    • Real-time measurement and on-screen display of exact bevel geometry and milling parameters
    • Variable spindle speed for milling ferrous and non-ferrous materials including high tensile strength materials
    • 180° inversion allows for quick and easy creation of double-sided bevels
    • Rotary milling head with carbide inserts produces an accurate, high-quality finish without thermal distortion that is weld ready
    • Built-in overload protection
    • Floating trolley compensates for uneven floors
    • Portable Machine that can easily be moved throughout the shop
  • The Steelmax ABM1218 is a portable beveling machine capable of producing weld-ready bevels on flat plates of any shearable material up to 100,000 psi tensile strength. The ABM1218 FR uses a shearing process that is silent and fast. A powerful 3 horsepower electric motor drives the machine at speeds up to 8.5 feet per minute, making it the most powerful machine in its class. The machine can produce a 1/2” (12 mm) wide bevel in a single pass and can produce a maximum 3/4” (18 mm) wide bevel on plates or round tubes from 1/4” (6 mm) to 1-9/16” (40 mm) thick in multiple passes. A 30° bevel angle attachment is included and interchangeable bevel angle attachments are available for 22.5°, 25°, 30°, 35°, 37.5° and 45° bevels. The machine is easily inverted to bevel the underside of the plate – eliminating the need to flip the material – improving operational safety and increasing productivity. The ABM1218 FR produces no smoke or dust and almost no noise. Bevels are produced without thermal distortion and the material is weld-ready without additional grinding to remove dross, slag or heat affected zone (HAZ). FEATURES
    • 3 horsepower motor
    • Self-feeding for consistent bevel geometry from end-to-end
    • 180° inversion allows for quick and easy creation of double-sided bevels – dramatically reducing material handling costs and improving safety.
    • Shearing cutting wheels are long lasting, quiet and fast – beveling up to 8.5 ft/min
    • Bevel pipe and round tubes 4” in diameter and larger
    • Functions as a traveling machine with the trolley, or as a stationary machine
    • Portable machine that can easily be moved throughout the shop
    • Great machine for creating weld coupons
  • ABM28 - Steelmax - Tools portable plate beveling machine
    The Steelmax® ABM28 is the latest generation in automatic portable beveling machines with the ability to face plates (0 degrees) and produce top and bottom side bevels at any angle between + 60 degrees and -60 degrees from a single setup. With its unique self-indexing guide rail system, the ABM28 can bevel plates in both travel directions, significantly improving machining times and overall productivity. An optional cladding-removal setup is available for the ABM28 which dramatically simplifies preparing clad materials for welding. FEATURES
    • Auto-feed beveler with overload protection produces consistent high-quality bevels with minimal operator fatigue
    • Continuously adjustable bevel angle between +60 and -60 degrees enables beveling of both sides of the plate without turning the plate over - significantly enhancing safety and productivity
    • Maximum bevel width (depending on the beveled angle) from 1-1/8” to 1-3/8” (28-35 mm)
    • Variable feed speed accommodates many types of metals and thicknesses up to 1-3/8” (35 mm) as standard or optionally up to 2-3/4” (70 mm)
    • Bevels in both directions reducing cycle times and imprtoving productivity
    • Optional cladding-removal attachment simplifies preparing clad materials for welding
    • Quick setup and simple operation
    • Multiple guide rails can be connected to bevel long plates
  • SBM 500 Stationary Beveling Machine SBM 500 Stationary Beveling Machine
    The Steelmax SBM500 is a robust and efficient solution for beveling and deburring steel plate, angle, square/rectangular tubing and pipe. The SBM500 features a high-speed rotary milling head with carbide inserts that produces a clean, milled surface without thermal distortion or a heat affected zone. Variable feed rates and precise milling head speed control produce repeatable and accurately milled weld preparations in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials; improving part fit-up resulting in better welds. Accurate weld preparation reduces over welding, defect repair and production time, significantly lowering production costs. With the capacity to produce bevels up to 1-3/16” wide on plate up to 4” thick, the SBM500 is a unique solution for fabricators that need a high throughput beveling solution. FEATURES
    • Powerful 7,500 Watt electric motor for continuous operation
    • Variable auto-feed to bevel both ferrous and non-ferrous materials
    • Continuously adjustable bevel angle from 15 to 60 degrees
    • Simple depth of cut adjustment
    • High-speed rotary milling head with 7 replaceable carbide inserts produces a clean, milled surface free of thermal distortion with no heat affected zone
    • Multiple cutting insert designs for optimal performance on different materials
    • Versatile table top operation permits hand feeding of small plates, square/rectangular tubing, pipe, angle iron and round stock
    • Optional table extensions accommodate longer material
    • Produces bevel widths up to 1-3/16” (30 mm)
    • Plate thickness up to 4” (100 mm)
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