Steelmax: offers hand-operated, lightweight compact magnetic base drills. These portable machines utilize the intelligent speed control system which maintains constant motor speed regardless of changing loads.

Innovative 360-degree LED indicator facilitates proper machine operation & increases worker safety.  This new design gives Steelmax magnetic base drills the ability to utilize not only annular cutters but twist drilling, tapping, reaming, & countersinking applications.  Its extra-long stroke enables the longest drill bits to be used, even for twist drilling and tapping.

Tapping solutions offered are from 5/16” up to 1-5/8”.  The tapping chuck featuring securing nut gives you the extra safety & durability to know that the chuck will not release from the motor housing during the tapping process. Variables speeds, reverse, industry-best cycle times & more ensure these machines are suitable for many industrial hole making & tapping applications such as tapping of through and blind holes with intelligent load control. The Magnetic Drilling & Tapping Machines for the 21st century are from Steelmax. The machines are geared perfectly to handle even the toughest tapping job.



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D200XT Universal Tapping & Drilling Machine

Powerful 1600 W variable speed motor enables annular cutting up to 2” &  drilling up to 7/8”. Tap up to 3/4″ with Steelmax’s new tapping chuck & collet system.

Drilling and Tapping Machine

D300XT Tapping & Drilling Machine

Variable speed drilling machine will drill holes w/ diameters of up to 2-3/4″ using annular cutters, tap using a tap chuck & drill holes up to 1″ using twist drill bits.

Heavy Duty magnetic drilling Machine

D400XT Industrial Tapping & Drilling Machine

Designed for industrial hole making &  tapping applications. Cut up to 4″ & drilling capacity up to 1-1/4″ with Powerful 2300 W, variable-speed motor.

D500XT Heavy Duty Tapping & Drilling Machine

Designed for heavy duty drilling & tapping applications. Cutting capacity up to 5″ & drilling capacity up to 1-5/8″ with Powerful 2300 W, variable-speed motor.