Steelmax Tools has added battery power to its highly successful Li’l Runner trackless fillet welding carriage, further expanding its industry-leading capabilities.

The Li’l Runner is a compact, trackless, mechanized fillet welding carriage with four-wheel drive and magnetic adhesion. The Li’l Runner is available in two line-voltage models – the standard version, capable of travel speeds up to 43 inches per minute; a high-speed version, capable of travel speeds of over 80 inches per minute; and, now, a battery-powered version for use where line voltage is not available or easily accessible.

The Li’l Runner welding carriages will increase your production and reduce welding costs. Each machine provides constant, non-stop travel at precisely regulated speeds, producing consistent, high-quality welds in a fraction of the time required by hand welding. The consistent, and repeatable, travel speeds produce weld geometries exactly to your specifications, reducing costly over-welding and decreasing filler metal usage by as much as 60%.

The battery-powered Li’l Runner incorporates a readily-available 14.4V lithium ion battery and requires no external power. At just over 17 pounds (8 kg) this compact, portable tractor can be carried and used anywhere.

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