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//Steelmax Introduces DBM 12 Double Side Beveling Machine

Steelmax Introduces DBM 12 Double Side Beveling Machine

Steelmax Tools has introduced the DBM12 Double Sided Beveling Machine, the latest addition to Steelmax’s broad line of advanced plate and pipe beveling solutions.

DBM12 Upside DownThe DBM12 produces weld-ready bevels on flat plates of any shearable material up to 85,000 psi tensile strength, using shearing technology that is silent and fast.  A powerful 3-phase electric motor drives the machine at speeds up to 6 feet per minute and cuts bevels up to ½” wide on material thickness from 1/8” to 1-3/8”.  Interchangeable bevel angle attachments produce 22.5?, 30?, 37.5?, 45? and 50? bevels.  This lightweight machine is easily inverted to bevel the underside of the plate for creation of X- and K-bevels without flipping the plate.  The DBM12 produces no smoke or dust and is extremely quiet.  It will not distort the plate or create a heat affected zone.

All electronic components are housed in a dust proof enclosure and the machine conforms to all appropriate CE specifications.


  • 180° inversion enables double-sided bevels – no need to rotate or flip heavy material – dramatically improving safety and reducing material handling costs.
  • Shearing cutting wheel is long lasting, quiet, and fast; beveling up to 6 feet per minute.
  • Great machine for creating weld test coupons.
  • Bevel pipe & round tubes 3-3/4” in diameter and larger.

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