BM7 Compact Plate Beveling Machine
BM7 Hand-Held Beveling MachineBM7 Hand-Held Beveling MachineBM7 Hand-Held Beveling MachineBM7 Hand-Held Beveling MachineBM7 Hand-Held Beveling MachineBM7 Hand-Held Beveling MachineBM7 Hand-Held Beveling MachineBM7 Hand-Held Beveling Machine

BM7 Compact Plate and Pipe Beveling Machine


The Steelmax BM7 is a compact, multi-purpose milling tool that can bevel, deburr, chamfer and radius mill edges of plate, pipe, tubes, and holes.  The machine can be used on flat, curved and radius cut edges and can countersink holes as small as 1-3/8” (35mm) diameter.  The BM7 is an efficient solution for quick and consistent beveled edges for weld preparation, rounding off edges for paint and coating preparation, removing burrs and removing sharp edges on workpieces.  It is ideal for cleaning out holes and cut outs.


• Increased production – as much as 3 times faster than grinding

• Consistent high-quality finish produced by rotary milling process

• Improved safety compared to abrasive grinding wheels which can shatter

• Produces no hazardous dust

• No distortion or heat input to the part

• Requires no secondary grinding process to remove heat affected zones


• Rotary milling head using 4 indexable TiN coated carbide inserts

• 45-degree bevel with variable bevel width up to ¼” (7mm)

• Radius milling inserts available for 2, 3, 4 and 5mm radius

• Compact, ergonomic design with cushioned handle

• Special anti-loading inserts available for beveling aluminum and other soft materials

• Optional Anti-Abrasion Guide Plate reduces friction for smoother operation

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BM7 Technical Specifications
Power Supply110-120V/50-60Hz or 220-240V/50-60Hz
Motor1100W 1.5 HP
Motor speed (without load)6500 rpm
Maximum bevel width7 mm (see figure 1)
Bevel angles depending on milling head45 Degrees
30 Degrees (option)
Min. diameter of countersinkca 1-38″ (35 mm)
Radius Edge MillingR2, R3, R4, R5 see figure 2
Dimensions (L x W x H)12.9″ x 5.6″ x 12.5" (327 x 142 x 319 mm)
Weight (without milling head)13 lbs (5.8 kg)
BM7 Accessories, Consumables and Spare Parts
SM-GLW-0540-08-00-00-0Beveling milling head 45°
SM-GLW-0540-09-00-00-0Beveling milling head 30°
SM-PLY-000391Beveling insert for steel (4 Pieces Req'd)
SM-PLY-000423Beveling insert for aluminum (4 Pieces Req'd)
SM-PLY-000360 Radius insert R2
SM-PLY-000161 Radius insert R5
SM-PLY-000160 Radius insert R4
SM-PLY-000159 Radius insert R3
SM-SRB-000289Beveling Insert Screw
SM-RLK-0540-08-02-00-0Guide Roller
SM-SMR-000005Anti-Seize Grease for Insert Screws
SM-NKL-0540-15-00-00-0Anti-Scratch Cover for Guide Plate
SM-SCZ-000009Carbon Brush for 115V/230V Motors
SM-UST-0509-16-00-00-0Set-up Tool for Radius Milling

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