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Steelmax offers industry-leading hydraulic punch solutions for all of your holemaking needs. For more info, Contact us now!

  • The Overhead Support is highly recommended for the HP110 punch head. This incredible tool allows the operator to move the punch head with little or no effort.  Additionally, it allows easy manipulation of the punch and power pack as a single unit. The overhead support is designed for single-operator use and therefore increases productivity by saving manpower and time.    Part Number-SM-ZUR-0517-15-00-00-0   The Free Standing Base is fantastic for small production runs and includes foot pedal controls for ease of operator use and bench operation. The base allows the transformation of the HP110/HP60 to a table top unit. Part Number SM-ZST-0507-91-00-00-0   The Wheeled Carriage for punch has 6 points of contact that permit smooth and efficient lineal movement along the workpiece. This great addition to our Hydraulic Punch lineup is designed for single operators and makes one hand operation a breeze. Part Number-SM-PRW-0507-90-00-00-0  
  • HP60 - Steelmax -Tools HP60 - Steelmax - Tools
    Available in two models with 35(HP60) ton and 47(HP110)  ton capacities. Steelmax Portable Hydraulic Punches are ideal solutions to speed the production of holes and slots in beam flanges, angle, channel, plates and bar stock. The Double Action design minimizes cycle times and, coupled with high portability, promotes reduced material handling generating highly efficient hole production compared to other processes. FEATURES
    • Maximum Hole Diameter 1-1/16" (27 mm)
    • Double Action Design Prevents Punch Binding and Speeds Retraction
    • Intelligent Control System with Automatic Load Detection and Mode Indicator Light
    • Rugged Forged Steel “C” Frame for Strength and Durability
    • Fully Portable Punch and Pump Package Reduces Material Handling
    • Optional Free Standing Base with Foot Pedal permits Bench Top Operation
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