MANUSEIO DE MATERIAL PLANO OU REDONDO The Steelmax Max Lifter series of magnets are compact, self-contained lifting magnets that use permanent magnets to maintain holding power indefinitely. Because they require no electric power, they can be used where electric power is not readily available and free of the restriction of power cords. Max Lifter magnets are safe and efficient. The magnets lift, transport and release the load rapidly with the simple motion of a lever in a single operation. Once activated, a spring-loaded device blocks the engagement lever preventing any accidental deactivation. Each Max Lifter magnet is tested at three times the recommended load. Max Lifter magnets are robust and reliable. The rotor, the only moving part, has its fulcrum on ball bearings and doesn’t make any physical contact during rotation. All steel parts are nickel coated to prevent rust formation and improve component life. Max Lifter magnets will operate “maintenance free” over long periods of time. FEATURES
  • Disponível em 550 lbs, 1100 lbs, 2200 lbs, 4400 lbs (250 kg, 500 kg, 1000 kg, 2000 kg), capacidade de levantamento
  • Ímã permanente independente
  • Sem energia elétrica necessária
  • Fator de segurança de capacidade de peso substancial
  • O bloqueio de segurança de travamento automático evita a desativação acidental
  • O design de ímã inteligente ativa o ímã apenas quando há força de retenção suficiente
  • Monobloco, design revestido de níquel à prova de ferrugem
  • Livre de manutenção