S9 XP Metal Cutting Saw
S9 XP Metal Cutting Saw

S9 XP 9″ Metal Cutting Circular Saw with Laser Guide

The most powerful saw of this size in the market, the new Steelmax S9 XP is designed for heavy duty industrial uses and widespread on-site applications including: fabrication, construction, and fire and rescue.  The S9 XP cuts mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum as easily as cutting plywood.

This versatile saw cuts mild steel up to 1/2″ thick and has a depth of cut of 3-1/4″ for cutting pipe, channel, angles, car posts, and sheet metal. It delivers a cool-to-the-touch, precise, and burr-free cut in seconds.  The integrated laser guide speeds set-up time for accurate, long, straight cuts.

It takes less than 6 seconds to cleanly cut 4″ x 1/2″ mild steel.  No milling or de-burring with a near-surgical dry-cut technology.


  • Laser blade guide
  • Unique cover encloses and collects chips and sparks
  • Includes a 9″ Tungsten Carbide Tipped blade for cutting mild steel
  • Includes a carrying case, hearing and eye protection, and extra motor brushes
  • UL certified
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S9 Technical Specifications
Part NumberSM-S9
Cutting Capacity3-1/4″ profile

1/2″ solid
Weight20 lbs
Blade Diameter9″ or 9-1/4″
Motor15 amps; 120V/1750W
Depth AdjustmentYes
2 Chip Covers1 cover for metal
ApplicationsPipe, plate, channel, grating, roof

decking, silos, emergency rescue

door posts