APB 32 Automatic Pipe Beveling Machine

APB 32 Automatic Pipe Beveling System

The APB 32 Automatic Pipe Beveling System from Steelmax will produce accurate weld preparation in minutes.  As with all Steelmax pipe beveling solutions, the APB 32 will create highly repeatable and consistent fit-up, dramatically reducing cycle times and improving work flow.

The APB 32 mounts to the outside edge of pipe or tubing with a minimum outside diameter of 10″ (250 mm).  In its standard configuration, the APB-32 can bevel pipe up to 32″ in diameter.   With an optional attachment, the APB-32 can bevel pipe of any diameter over 32″, making this an incredibly versatile solution.  By attaching to the pipe's circumference, the APB 32 automatically compensates for out-of-round pipe and tubing and produces a consistent land dimension and bevel angle around the pipe.


  • Simple set-up and operation
  • Complete weld preparation in a single pass (at 45°, maximum 15 mm bevel width)
  • Bevel any pipe with a diameter between 10″ and 32″ OD with the base machine
  • Optional attachment enables beveling pipe of any diameter over 32″ as well
  • Suitable for pipe thickness from 1/8″ (3 mm) up to 3/4″ (20 mm)
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Part NumberSM-PB-APB-32
Power Supply115 VAC 60Hz 2,400W
Pipe Diameter Range10″ and Larger (>250 mm)
Bevel Angle Range0-45°
Maximum OD bevel width5/8″ (15 mm) @ 45 Deg.
Minimum Pipe Wall Thickness1/8" (3 mm)
Maximum Pipe Wall Thickness3/4" (20 mm)
Weight74 lbs (33.6 kg)
Accessories and optional equipment
SM-PB-CM2100-CACutter Head Assembly for APB-32 and MPB-26 (without inserts)
SM-PB-CM2100-10Cutting inserts (Package of 10)
SM-PB-CM2100-09Cutter Wedge for APB-32 and MPB-26 (each)
SM-PB-CM2100-08Cutter Insert Screw (each)
SM-PB-CM2100-SCSpeed Controller for APB-32 and MPB-26 Pipe Beveling Machines
SM-PB-AP1020-LDAPB-32 Pipe Attachment for Pipe Diameters Above 32"

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