Automatic Weave Welding

Improve your circumferential welding processes with the Steelmax stand-alone Welding Oscillator and Mini-Manipulator. This lightweight, compact weld weaving oscillator provides you with full control of oscillation parameters, making it an ideal weave welding solution for many applications including: pipes, tubes, vessels, flanges, fittings, and much more. Combine this versatile weaver system with our Rail Runner II track-mounted welding carriage, trackless welding carriages, welding positioners, turning rolls, an existing welding system, such as a column and boom, or use it independently with the rugged freestanding Mini-Manipulator shown under the accessories tab below. The Mini-Manipulator from Steelmax can be used with the Welding Oscillator or as an independent welding positioner. The fully adjustable column and boom provides precise control of the oscillator and torch position during operation. Easily transport the Mini-Manipulator to wherever it’s needed for quick and easy use. FEATURES
  • Two working modes: automatic with existing weld fixtures and manual using the system independently with the Mini-Manipulator (see accessories tab below)

  • Simple adjustment of four weld parameters: oscillation width, oscillation speed, right and left dwell times

  • Lightweight and portable


Increased Productivity: Provides non-stop 360° welding when used with rotation devices such as welding positioners and turning rolls.

Improved Weld Repeatability: Precise travel speed and torch angle reduces costly over-welding and rework, granting precise repeatability and consistent bead geometry.

Ergonomics and Safety: Removes the operator from potentially hazardous heat and fumes created by prolonged open arc welding processes. Relieves the operator from repositioning reducing fatigue and stress.