Pipe Bevelers

The Welding Shop of the 21st Century has at its disposal many new innovative technologies to improve productivity. Advancements in process control, automation, filler metals and shielding gases have come at a rapid pace. Implementation of these advancements can lead to significant costs savings, improvement in quality and reduction in rework for many shops. It is however very important to remember that even with these advancements, basic welding fundamentals are still key to having a successful operation.

Steelmax offers a complete line of plate and pipe beveling solutions to meet even the most demanding steel fabrication requirements. From manual, hand-held machines to large automatic machines, Steelmax has you covered!

MPB 26 Manual Pipe Beveling System

Create highly repeatable and consistent fit-up, dramatically reducing cycle times and improving work flow and  producing accurate weld preparation in minutes.

APB 32 Automatic Pipe Beveling System

Produce accurate weld preparation in minutes,  mounts to outside edge of pipe/tubing with a minimum outside diameter of 10″. In standard configuration, the APB-32 can bevel pipe up to 32″ in diameter.

PB5 Pipe Beveling Machine

Extremely productive when full penetration welding is required, utilizing a self-centering mandrel the PB5 can be rapidly deployed from one pipe to another.

PB10 Pipe Beveling Machine

Heavy-duty ID mounted pipe beveler utilizing self-centering expandable mandrels to provide quick and proper alignment to pipe or tube prior to machining operations.

PBM 1000 High Speed Pipe Beveling System

Designed for beveling and facing pipes, tanks or tubes with diameters ranging from 8? – 40?. deployed from one pipe to another. Produces accurate bevels in a fraction of the time required by traditional single point machining.