Manhole Cutting and Beveling
with Optional Welding Head


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Man Way Cutting Machine -

The MCM portable 5-axis portable gantry machine from Steelmax is designed for cutting and beveling holes on flat, convex, concave surfaces, pipes, tanks and special conical shaped tubular structures such as wind towers. It allows for programmable oxyfuel or plasma hole cutting and beveling – all in one set up and in most cases in one operation.  Optionally, the MCM can be equipped with a welding head attachment for either SAW or, MCAW/FCAW applications such as door frames in wind towers.


  • Most processes can be performed in a fully programmable cycle.

  • Simple and user-friendly interface enables an easy input and configuration of cutting/beveling parameters.

  • The innovative control system and software allow for double-sided beveling in one operation and ensures precise movement of cutting torch and active compensation of torch position with regards to work piece curvature.

  • During welding processes, the system maintains the programmed torch position.

  • Cutting/beveling/welding on flat, concave, convex and conical  surfaces is available.

  • The MCM machine is fully portable.

  • The MCM can be firmly and quickly positioned with a set of magnetic feet.

  • High-quality and efficient double-sided beveling in one operation is possible.

  • A multi language user friendly control system interface is available.

  • Custom made versions are also available.

  • Motorized torch angle control is available as an option.

  • SAW, MCAW or FCAW welding methods can be implemented on the same unit.




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