Metal Cutting Saws

More efficient than any portable metal cutting process you are using now! Increase Productivity - No Milling or de-burring with near-surgical dry-cut technology. Our saws cut a Variety of Metals, Plastic and Wood. Bring your saw to the work-piece while cutting mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum as easy as it cuts plywood. Cool-to-the-Touch - No waiting for your workpiece to cool down. Just cut it and handle it. Precise Cutting - With integrated laser sighting system. (models S7 - S9).


S9 Metal Cutting Saw with Laser Guide  

S9 Metal Cutting Saw

The most powerful saw of this size in the market, the Steelmax S9 is designed for heavy duty industrial uses and widespread on-site applications including: fabrication, construction, and fire and rescue. Competitively priced, the S9 cuts mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum as easy as cutting plywood. Read more.

 S7 Metal Cutting Saw with Laser Guide



Pick up a Steelmax steel cutting saw this morning, and it can pay for itself by the end of the day. This saw is a money maker, delivering quick results in cutting metal fast, with cool, burr-free finishes. The S7’s powerful 13 amp motor with overload protection provides a portable, powerful, and practical metal cutting saw. Read more.


S14 Dry Cutting Saw with 14" Blade & Stable Cast Iron Base

S14 Dry Cutting Saw

When a saw is engineered to work as efficiently as the Steelmax S14, your purchase pays immediate dividends. With its precise, fast, clean, burr-free, cool-to-touch cutting, further processing is eliminated, saving you expensive de-burring and further machining. Only Steelmax has a “flip plate” built onto its base that allows the S14 to securely hold round material, pipe and tubing so it doesn’t come loose or turn when being cut – which could damage the material or blade. Read more.